Sunday, October 4, 2020

The Deadly Home Products Of The Victorians And Today's Nonprofit Complexity



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Consider these health hazards of the Victoria age from products that were meant to create a sense of comfort and ease in the family home. It is interesting to also consider that it was the Victorians who coined the phrase:

"As safe as homes"

Deadly Fashions Of The Victorian Age (list of items found in the Victorian home):

Arsonic in the home wallpaper 

Arsonic in the clothes

Arsonic in the children's toys

Toxins in skincare products

Restrictive fashion clothing (aka corsets)

How do we connect what happened to the Victorians with Nonprofit Complexity of today?

In our minds, the Victorians were looking for comfort and ease within their homes as the foundation for safety. However, what they found was danger luring within based on a lack of information from without. The medical fields and journalists of the time helped bring the information to the public eye that certain products were the cause of the 'mysterious' deaths happening throughout England. Slowly but surely Victorians themselves boycotted the harmful products. 

These experts in their respective fields helped the Victorians move from what was a toxic environment to a healthier and safer, living environment. With a little support, they were able to move from a lack of information to a wealth of information and its productive use. 

How can we help you?

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